Brian Stelter out at CNN, ‘Reliable Sources’ canceled

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CNN has canceled “Reliable Sources” and is parting ways with its host, Brian Stelter.

Stelter had also served as chief media correspondent for the network, appearing frequently on other shows to offer his take on the industry.

“Reliable Sources,” which tracks the media business, recently marked its 30th anniversary, with Stelter hosting for the past nine years.

Stelter later said on Twitter that a final edition of “Reliable Sources” will air Aug. 21, 2022.

Reports indicate that CNN will lay off the entire “Reliable” staff, but Oliver Darcy, another media correspondent, is expected to stay with the network.

He has worked for CNN since 2013. Prior to that he was at The New York Times since 2007, covering the media beat. While in college, he founded the site TV Newser, which he later sold.

Stelter also frequently authors a daily media email newsletter that’s sent to an undisclosed number of subscribers. Darcy revealed that the newsletter will take a brief “hiatus” and then return in a new format in the fall.

Stelter is married to Spectrum News NY1 traffic anchor Jamie Stelter and the couple has two children. Brian also serves as an NYU adjunct professor.

Brian’s departure isn’t surprising. It’s long been noted that he was a favorite of former CNN chief Jeff Zucker, whose tenure ended earlier in 2022.

Ratings for “Reliable Sources,” a show that covers the media, have never been stellar under Stelter.

Brian has also been seen as building reputation as being part of a core group of CNN on-air talent with left-leaning views that were seemingly championed by Zucker.

With Zucker gone and new CEO Chris Licht reportedly trying to follow new owners Warner Bros. Discovery’s desire to bring more balance to the network, Stelter was believed to be likely to depart by both CNN insiders and media watchers. Some said that Stelter’s salary had been steadily increasing under Zucker as well.

Brian was reportedly informed the decision Aug. 17, 2022.

CNN is also in the middle cost-cutting efforts after the disastrous failure of CNN+, its short-lived streaming service that also featured a daily show from Stelter called “Reliable Sources Daily.” CNN never released ratings figures for CNN+ shows, but the numbers were reportedly not impressive for many of the shows.

Stelter initially remained quiet about his departure, but he did retweet a link to an NPR story reporting his departure on Aug. 18, 2022.

There’s no word on which is next move might be, though he could explore striking out on his own to create a podcast or website or joining another network or digital publisher.

During his time at CNN, Stelter became the frequent butt of jokes on conservative media, including calling him a range of offensive names and often poking fun at his balding head and weight.