C-SPAN airs raw feed from Oval complete with F-bomb and loud sign from Trump

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C-SPAN inadvertently aired portions of Donald Trump’s nationwide coronavirus address that weren’t meant to be seen by the public — including an F-bomb before and long sigh after wrapping the speech.

For most addresses from the Oval House, the White House provides a single feed of the address, with each network given the information on how to “patch in” to the audio and video.

Networks then “take” the feed at a designated time or when signaled by the White House.

Shortly before the designated air time, the feed is typically activated, partially as a way for networks to test that they are receiving both audio and video correctly and make any necessary adjustments.

That portion isn’t meant to be seen by viewers.

During March 11, 2020’s address, Trump was apparently unaware that the feed was live and hot — complete with audio.

Before the speech started, he could be seen (and heard) saying “Ah fuck. Uh oh. I got a pen mark. Anybody have any wipe, any white stuff?”

After the speech wrapped, C-SPAN also kept the feed on air and Trump could be heard letting out a a long sigh and dragged out version of the work “OK.”

While the “pre” and “post” portions of the feed aren’t technically meant to be seen at home, they are likely still “fair game” for networks to air — given that the material is being fed out of the White House and, as a government entity, audio visual materials like this would fall under public domain.

As “raw” video feeds also become commonplace on social media and streaming services, it’s becoming more likely these portions will show up to the general public as well.

Some networks also tape the raw feed for use later and could have captured Trump’s remarks there as well since, to be sure they capture the entire speech, networks may start recording as soon as the feed begins but before the official air time — and may let it run until the White House officially cuts the video and audio.

It’s also worth noting that news organizations may also have started making it a practice of purposefully recording the “off air” portions given Trump’s penchant for slip ups like this.