CBS censored Robert De Niro’s F-bombs, but some still heard it

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After actor Robert Di Nero repeatedly used an expletive on live television referring to Donald Trump — and CBS opted to remove the audio, unlike some other global broadcasters:

  • The 2018 Tony Awards, like most awards shows, airs on a slight delay so that the network can censor content as needed.
  • Di Nero came on stage and used the phrase “fuck Trump” twice — which was greeted by applause and gasps from the audience inside Radio City Music Hall.
  • CBS, however, which owns the American broadcast rights to the Tonys, censored it, with much of what Di Niro said prior to introducing Bruce Springsteen converted to “dead air” for U.S. viewers.
  • While CBS removed the expletive from its live and tape delay versions of the broadcast, viewers in other countries heard the uncensored version.
  • Social media instantly lit up with American viewers wondering what Di Nero had said (or thinking there was something wrong with their TVs).
  • International viewers eventually helped fill in the blanks, including posting uncensored versions of the broadcast.
  • In addition, winners and journalists in the backstage press room, which is also provided with a live feed of the broadcast, did not hear the censored version.