CBS releases photo of an outraged R. Kelly — showing Gayle King staying cool as a cucumber

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As part of a series of photos CBS News released to promote Gayle King’s exclusive interview with R. Kelly for “CBS This Morning” — the first since his arrest on sexual assault charges, one of the shots is drawing considerable attention.

  • In the shot, which was released with out any specific caption, R. Kelly is standing up and captures Kelly making an arm movement.
  • There is also a figure behind him who appears to be holding him back.
  • After the interview aired, the photo appears to have been taken during a point in the interview when Kelly got out of his chair in frustration.
  • It did not appear as though he was directly targeting King, though she can be heard saying “Robert…” gently.
  • Eventually someone from the set comes out to restrain Kelly and get him to sat back down.
  • Others have noted that, despite whatever Kelly is doing, King doesn’t seem phased from her
  • The photo is credited to CBS photography Lazarus Jean-Baptiste.

  • Meanwhile, some have also pointed out that there actually appears to be someone standing behind Kelly, possibly grabbing his harm to hold him back.
  • Again, without any context, it’s difficult to know exactly what was happening here.
  • The sit down with King marks Kelly’s first interview since he was released from jail on bond — a media event that resulted in profanity-laden live shots from outside the jail.