CBSN’s national feed returns with its own content after coronavirus forced it from its home

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

After two weeks of using alternate programming, including using the CBSN Boston feed, the national iteration of CBS Newsstreaming network has returned to airing its own content.

CBSN (the national feed) was forced to use alternate programming and origination points after multiple coronavirus cases were detected at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York.

CBSN used various spaces within the complex, but mostly originated from the Studio 57 newsroom.

CBSN Boston, the regional version of the national network run by WBZ in Boston, mostly handled the national feed stream in the interim.

After multiple cases of coronavirus were reported by CBS News staffers, the network mostly shut down the broadcast center in NYC.

It briefly reopened it with minimal crew, but eventually opted to move those staffers out as well.

Since then, the network has taken the strategy of spreading out its operations to help with social distancing.

CBS Evening News” had already moved production to Washington and has continued using the new studio the network built there during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, “CBS This Morning” shifted to the Ed Sullivan Theater, normally home of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Select weekend programming has been handled by both KCBS in Los Angeles and KTVT in Dallas.

Much of the network’s editorial and technical staffers are working remotely.