Chris Cuomo responds to ‘you’re gonna break your arm jerking off’ tweet with pic of biceps

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It all started innocently enough — CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tweeted a reply to a fan praising his on the ground coverage of the Surfside building collapse.

“We all know what we would want if we had missing loved ones. Crisis has no hue of red or blue. Or at least it shouldnt (sic). The #SurfsideCollapse community was warm and embracing of need. Impressive and respected,” Cuomo tweeted June 28, 2021.

Then, a Twitter user who identifies as “uncle ruckus” using the handle “@Legalize_LSD1” with a bio reading “centrist, moneyline enthusiast , parlay connoisseur” hijacked the chain and wrote back “You’re gonna break your arm jerking yourself off.”

Cuomo’s response was to tweet a photo of what is presumably his own bulging arm muscles. The image also includes what appears to be a CNN T-shirt.

“Come on, baby, dont (sic) hate – facilitate. You can do better than this petty bs (sic),” he wrote.

The replies that followed ranged from more insults to amusement — with Twitter’s “offensive tweet” filter kicking in on at least some of them.