Chris Cuomo tweets about ‘rebirth and renewal’ with restaurant menu listing $28 fondue in the background

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Fired CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tweeted a Palm Sunday-themed photo April 11, 2022, with a message of “rebirth and renewal” — apparently taken while he was sitting down to eat at a restaurant serving $28 fondue.

Cuomo, who is Catholic, tweeted “And so…we begin again. #RebirthandRenewal” along with a photo of a cross constructed from interwoven dried palm fronds, a tradition in many Christian denominations on Sunday before Easter.

Cuomo was, however, apparently out to eat the time the photo was snapped — with the menu of an unknown restaurant visible in the background.

Despite having lost his job (and being embroiled in a lawsuit against CNN over his termination), it doesn’t appear Cuomo has cut back on pricey meals out, assuming he was sitting down for a meal.

None of the prices visible on the menu are less than $20. Many of the item prices aren’t visible, however, though based on their names and ingredients, it’s likely they are significantly more than $20 each.