Christian Broadcasting Network reporter questions Psaki over bill funding — and it backfires

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A Christian Broadcasting Network reporter got caught in an awkward exchange with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki by saying the Build Back Better Act isn’t “paid for” when many economic experts agree it is.

CBN is known for being right leaning given its heavily religious and evangelical audience.

Caitlin Burke was attempting to frame a question about how current inflation is, according to some economists, driven by government spending and how that could be further compounded by the multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better plan proposed by President Joe Biden’s administration because it isn’t fully paid for (her words).

“Build Back Better is paid for,” Psaki responded to Burke at the Jan. 27, 2022, press briefing.

Burke then pressed Psaki if she could speak to “concerns” that it’s not fully paid for, but without citing where those concerns are coming from precisely.

Psaki then went on to note that numerous leading economists have agreed the bill will pay for itself given how it was structured.

She also noted that Biden’s plan always made it a priority for the act to be paid for by increasing taxes on the ultra wealthy and large corporations.

She also dismissed claims of its spending adding to inflation by noting that people ranging from Nobel laureates and other leaders in the field have agreed that’s not likely.

“So those are the global experts that we would point to, but there may be others suggesting something else, but I don’t know who those people are,” she said.

Burke was able to get Psaki to acknowledge on the record that BBB is funded by increasing taxes on the wealthiest of Americans and large companies — something that’s been a key component of the plan since it was published.

There have been some concerns that the data and financial estimates provided by various government agencies may be over generous in calculating the results of the new tax levels. Those worries are one of the main reason the bill is stalled and Biden is currently working with Congress to address those concerns and tweak the bill so a point where it can pass.