CNN announces three new podcasts

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CNN Audio has announced three new podcasts.

“Diversifying” will foster insightful discussions about how the financial system can work for us, instead of against us. It’s hosted by Delyanne Barros — a nationally recognized money expert also known as Delyanne The Money Coach on TikTok and Instagram

Barros creates a space for people who have traditionally been left out of conversations around personal finance, and who are often faced with the challenge of balancing cultural expectations against their own financial needs. New episodes drop each Monday.

“Tug of War” returns for a new season with Clarissa Ward with insight from CNN reporters both here and on the ground offer us historical, political, and social context for the Russia-Ukraine conflict in a way that only CNN can. New episodes drop Sunday and Wednesday.

“Breaking News Alerts,” which comes from the team behind CNN’s “5 Things,” this audio version of CNN’s breaking news alerts offer podcast listeners a more contextualized understanding of breaking news. To be alerted as soon as the latest episode is available, follow the show in your podcast app and allow push notifications for the series. This content was previously available exclusively to smart speaker users.