CNN denies layoffs are coming

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

After CNN reportedly cut its staff with 100 employees buyouts, reports are swirling that layoffs are coming next — something the network denies.

  • The changes are reported to be part of a restructuring of the newly formed WarnerMedia.
  • WarnerMedia has already done similar buyouts at HBO and its Turner Broadcasting division.
  • The newly formed company is looking to reduce a whopping $127 billion in debt, according to Deadline.
  • According to some reports and sources, CNN is looking to cut around 300 positions total.
  • That said, only about 100 were cut as a result of voluntary buyouts.
  • Meanwhile, CNN’s media correspondent Brian Stelter got a CNN spokesperson on the record saying “No layoffs.”
  • However, the statement from CNN PR doesn’t exactly get into specifics.
  • It’s also not uncommon for PR departments to deny layoffs — often because they are not aware of them at the time — only to have staff cuts come down the road.
  • Other outlets are accusing Stelter of helping CNN “spin” what are essentially layoffs as buyouts.