CNN media correspondent outlined OANN’s ratings — and gets attacked on Twitter

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter posted a series of tweets that outlined OANN ratings from Nielsen.

  • OANN doesn’t subscribe to Nielsen.
  • In fact, the OANN White House correspondent called Nielsen ratings “fake.”
  • According to Stelter’s sources, OANN averages about 14,000 viewers in metered markets.
  • By comparison Fox’s cable channel that airs “Hannity” pulls in 631,000 in metered markets.
  • Metered market data only covers major metropolitan areas — so Stelter points out that if you include the smaller maCNN
  • rket data, Fox’s audience roughly doubles.
  • Even with being “generous” to OANN and saying that it triples its metered market numbers nationwide, it still doesn’t come close to other cable networks.
  • Donald Trump has said that OANN is having a “big ratings jump.”
  • OANN execs have shared ComScore data with the White House that purportedly document the growth.
  • Stelter also points out that OANN got the first question at the most recent White House presser.
  • Meanwhile, Stelter was attacked by hundreds of Twitter users.
  • Most of the accounts appeared to be ring leaning — with most of them claiming Stelter is “jealous” of CNN’s slipping ratings compared to OANN as well as echoing Trump’s bashing of CNN.