CNN ‘New Day’ anchor ends up in hospital after running 25 miles of Boston Marathon

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CNNNew Day” co-anchor John Berman landed in the hospital after completing most of the 2022 Boston Marathon.

Berman, 50, participated in the marathon to help raise money for the “Team Beans Fund,” an organization started by Andrew Kaczynski,
a political reporter for CNN, whose daughter died from pediatric brain cancer when she was only 9 months old.

It wasn’t immediately clear what happened, though Berman noted he had run about 25 miles and then ended up in one of the medical tents set up along the race route to help participants and spectators with minor injuries or more serious issues.

“I don’t remember exactly what happened,” Berman tweeted, along with a selfie of him in a treatment area of what is presumably a hospital, perhaps suggesting he may have passed out.

He assured viewers he is doing much better and expects to be back at work soon.