CNN’s Jake Tapper went ballistic at staff over botched clips

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

CNN anchor Jake Tapper reportedly reportedly went “bananas” after a bungled segment, reports Mediate:

  • The incident happened during the Tuesday, July 24, 2018 edition of “The Lead.”
  • Tapper had lined up three clips of statements Donald Trump made following his summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.
  • After Tapper introduced one of the SOTs, the wrong clip inadvertently played.
  • Tapper tried again — but instead, another incorrect clip played.
  • In a final attempt, nothing played.
  • According to sources, once the show went to a commercial break, Tapper berated his staff “not reading my emails.”
  • The source said the outburst was “unhinged” and “bananas” and included Tapper shouting about the staff’s incompetence.