Comcast’s Peacock lost a staggering amount of money in 2021 — and it’s planning to lose even more this year

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We’re now well into the umteenth year of the great streaming wars — and the only sure thing is that it’s costing a lot of money to battle on.

Comcast’s Peacock streaming service reveled it lost a staggering $1.7 billion in 2021.

The company booked about $778 million in revenue from subscription fees (both direct to consumer and through partnerships) and ad sales.

However, it spent an astronomical amount of money on content development, licensing, marketing and other expenses.

Compare that to 2020, when it spent $118 million and an adjusted loss of $663 million.

And if you think the bleeding (of money) is even close to being over, think again.

Comcast says it expects Peacock to lose another $2.5 billion in 2022 as it continues to invest in content and attract subscribers.

In other news, Peacock did manage to hit 24.5 million monthly active users in 2021, though that number still puts it significantly behind other streamers.

Netflix, for example, has over 200 million subscribers (but that growth is slowing), while Amazon Prime Video reportedly has about 175 million users to watch video content. HBO Max announced earlier this week it hit 26.8 million users.

Peacock comes bundled free with select Comcast Xfinity packages, but those numbers aren’t included as “active” users unless the household actually uses the service.

It also has a free platform with ad support access to a limited content library. To unlock most of its originals and the full archive, however, users have to pay at least $4.99 a month or have an eligible Xfinity deal.

Other streamers are also bundled with other TV and cellular phone services.