Conservative radio host storms off HLN

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Conservative Review TV host Steve Deace walked off set during a segment on HLN:

  • The three person panel was debating the Supreme Court and the term “Christian Sharia” came up.
  • SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah and Deace got into a heated exchange about the use of the term.
  • After firing off criticism at how the media treats conservatives, anchor Carol Costello acknowledged she should have pushed back at the “Christian Sharia thing.”
  • Obeidallah then began talking, and Deace can be seen taking out his IFB and unhooking his microphone and walks out of frame of the flashcam position.
  • Anchor Carol Costello sees him storm out, as does Obeidallah, even has Obeidallah says he wasn’t suggesting Deace was “Sharia.”
  • “Steve’s had enough — Steve’s not used to people actually raising issues that he doesn’t agree with apparently. This is America. We can have conservation. It’s ironic — he said we don’t have conservations and he walked out about a conversation,” said Obeidallah.
  • Costello admitted she could have refereed the debate a bit more and says she wishes Deace would come back, indicating she respects his opinion.
  • Deace did not return for the rest of the segment, and the HLN control room smoothing switches from a four box to a three box.