‘Cuomo Prime Time’ makes no mention of Andrew Cuomo harassment report

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo did not mention the bombshell report on an investigation into his brother’s alleged sexual and workplace misconduct on Aug. 3, 2021’s broadcast.

Earlier that day, the State of New York had released the results of an investigation into the alleged actions of Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of New York, which concluded that multiple instances of alleged sexual harassment were part of a larger issue of a toxic work environment.

Chris Cuomo, however, made no mention of the news on “Cuomo Prime Time,” his CNN show.

Chris Cuomo had advised his brother on how to handle the sexual assault allegations when they first surfaced, a move that CNN acknowledged made staffers uneasy and called a “mistake.”

The Andrew Cuomo story dominated most other news broadcasts after its release, and CNN covered the story outside of “Cuomo Prime Time,” which is one of the network’s highest rate shows.

The brothers’ relationship is hardly a secret — besides sharing a last name, Chris Cuomo had Andrew Cuomo as a guest on the show during the height of the initial wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The pair disclosed their familial relationship at that time.

CNN appears to be backing Chris Cuomo, at least for now, by allowing him on air Tuesday evening despite the report.

The show had started to bill itself as focused more on the COVID-19 pandemic last week so it was able to “ignore” the Andrew Cuomo story under that guise, no matter how forced or strategic it may have been.

Andrew Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing. Chris Cuomo has reportedly not be disciplined for his actions by CNN but did apologize on his SiriusXM radio show, noting that there are unique challenges being a journalist and brother to a prominent politician.