Disney+ originals won’t be binge-able (at least until the end of the season)

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Disney’s upcoming streaming service will release new episodes of its original programs in weekly installments, rather than dropping them all at once.

The move puts the streaming service’s original series more in line with traditional episodic broadcasting.

Most other streaming services drop an entire season at once on a specific date — a practice that lead to the practice known as “binging” — or watching an entire season (or multiple seasons) in a single sitting or at least over a span of a few days or a week or so.

Viewers will, however, be able to wait until all the episodes have dropped and then “binge” at that point — but will be behind others who watched it episode-by-episode.

One advantage (at least for Disney) of this approach is that it encourages viewers to keep subscriptions active over multiple months if they want to view all episodes as they air.

That said, it would still technically be possible to subscribe for a month or two at the end of a season and “binge” one or more series over one or two subscription months.

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