Disney+ says it’s working on a ‘continue watching’ feature

Disney+ is planning to add a “continue watching” feature after scores of user complaints.

  • While Disney+’s launch got off to a bumpy start and is already facing confusion and frustration over what content is there and what’s leaving, another big gripe was that it doesn’t have a “continue watching” feature like most other streaming services.
  • This feature lets users automatically advance to the next episode in a series — which is all too important for binging.
  • Disney+ was missing this feature at launch, which drew criticism from viewers (some also complained that Disney was too busy worrying about password sharing than adding this feature).
  • Now, Disney+ tells ComicBook.com that the feature is in the works.
  • While Disney+ does offer a substantial collection of movies that aren’t, perhaps, as “bingable,” it also features plenty of TV shows that most definitely are.
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