Do the people who created Trump’s ‘Game of Thrones’ wall meme even realize what happens in the show?

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Donald Trump posted a new Game of Thrones-inspired meme in support of his border wall — but apparently wasn’t aware that the fictional wall didn’t work out that well.

  • The meme, posted Jan. 3, 2019, features a stern looking Trump above the words “The Wall is Coming” in Game of Thrones inspired typography.’
  • The headline is inspired by the “Winter is coming,” a tagline HBO has used to market the return of the show.
  • Below is is an image of what appear to be the “artistically designed steel slats” that reports have indicated would be the construction method of choice.
  • In many ways, this really makes the “wall” more of a “fence” — but we’ll let the architects debate that point.
  • More importantly, “Game of Thrones” fans know that in the show a 700-foot stone structure called simply “The Wall” was built.
  • In the show, “The Wall” was built for protection against “undead winter demons,” according to People.
  • However, the plot also had a not-so-subtle reference to immigration policy of keeping Wildings out.
  • Ultimately, however, The Wall proved ineffective — it was breached in Season 7 of the show.
  • HBO, which airs “Game of Thrones,” has expressed concerns after Trump used an image inspired by the show to announce sanctions against Iran.