Ex-CNN editor revisits controversial retracted report after Mueller testimony

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CNN reportedly forced three staffers to resign in 2017 over a now-retracted story that tied Russia to Donald Trump’s transition team.

Now editor Eric Lichtblau, says that Mueller’s testimony appears to corroborate his team’s reporting.

Lichtblau says he never doubted the story’s accuracy.

Author Thomas Frank and investigative unit chief Lex Haris were also forced to resign and the story was scrubbed from CNN’s website.

The story’s fallout also triggered Trump’s obsession with bashing the network — including reported efforts to block AT&T from buying Time Warner.

However, the fast response by CNN to retract the story and take action against employees could have been driven by the company’s buyout by AT&T, which was still in the works at the time.

CNN, for its part, denies merger pressure had anything to do with its decisions.

Meanwhile, the network has never said what parts of the story were inaccurate and third party reviews showed breakdowns in the network’s editorial and legal review process.

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