Facebook is asking news pages to register as ‘news pages’

By MixDex Article may include affiliate links

Facebook has started asking owners of news-orientated pages to register them as “news pages.”

  • Messages began appearing across pages that Facebook determined might be representing news outlets.
  • The message reads “We’re asking news Pages to submit their Page for registration so they may be eligible for news-specific products and services.”
  • The process requires that the page has a website address that leads directly to news content.
  • In addition, the page must be linked to a verified business account.
  • Finally, the site’s domain name must be verified through Facebook’s business manager.
  • It’s not immediately clear what additional “products and services” this will make pages eligible for.
  • It’s also not clear when the process began rolling out, but a Facebook help center article on the subject first appears in Internet archives in late August 2019.