Fact check: Right wing site claims CNN’s move to Hudson Yards ‘proves’ it ‘knows’ global warming is a hoax

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Bretibart columnist John Nolte claims that CNN’s move to Hudson Yards “proves” CNN knows “global warming” is a “hoax” — but there’s a whole lot of faulty logic that goes into that claim.

  • The claim, which is in this article (read at your own risk), claims that CNN would never have moved to an area that could be, as climate experts believe, be subject to flooding.
  • The article cites CNN’s decision to move to Hudson Yards, which is in close proximity to water, as “proof” that CNN knows climate change is a hoax.
  • While it certainly is true that Hudson Yards is closer to the water than CNN’s old headquarters, it’s extremely flawed reasoning to make the jump that this “proves” anything about what CNN may or may not believe — whether related to climate change or not.
  • It’s also true that many experts cite New York City as one that would be significantly affected by rising water due to melting ice caps (since Manhattan is, in fact, surrounded on three sides by water).
  • However, it’s a big reach to assume that a company’s decision to move operations in to a specific location somehow dictates its entire philosophy on climate change — or pretty much anything else for that matter.

It’s also worth noting that the Bretibart article overlooks some key points.

  • First, CNN parent WarnerMedia has opted to sell its Hudson Yards building and lease it back through 2034.
  • Estimates vary widely (and, in fairness, no one can tell for sure) that New York City would experience significant widespread flooding sometime between 2050 and 2100.
  • Given that logic, you could actually argue WarnerMedia’s sale is strategic in removing its liabilities in the area.
  • Assuming the lease agreement does run through 2034, CNN would have the option to move out at least 16 years before the area would be flooded — or as many as 66 years.
  • It’s also worth noting that online global warming water level simulator Surging Sees actually doesn’t show the 30 Hudson Yards building as being under water by its 2100 estimates.
  • Water does start to entrench on areas around the building, which might require some creativity for workers to get to the building, but the building itself appears to be safe largely thanks to the elevated 11th street causeway to the northwest.
  • In addition, New York City has also begun exploring its options for building infrastructure to prevent such future flooding, including under both former mayor (and former Republican) Michael Bloomberg and current Democratic mayor Bill De Blasio.

By using Nolte’s very faulty logic, there’s also a ton of other companies organizations that believe “global warming” is a hoax, namely any company moving into buildings in lower Manhattan, which is, according to simulations, expected to take the brunt of the flooding.