‘F*ck Trump’ chants interrupt Fox World Cup live shot

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

A Fox live shot from France quickly went off the rails when the “USA” chants turned to “fuck Trump” ones.

Greg Palkot was reporting live from a bar in France on “America’s News HQ” when the crowd behind him began chanting “fuck Trump.”

The chanting died down and then Palkot tried interviewing some of the patrons.

One patron give particularly insightful insight into the game about how much “possession” the U.S. women’s team had.

However, Palkot appeared to lose interest in her and moved on to a man in the crowd who happened to be one of the first to starting the F-bomb chant.

The man first said he never doubted the team would win — and then “now we need to win in 2020 — Democrats!”

“Get that racist out of the White House,” he continued.

Palkot explained that his live shot was slated to be outdoors in a viewing area, but was forced to move into the bar after a security issue.

As he was wrapping, another patron put his arm around Palkot and yelled into the camera.

Later in the day, Palkot’s live hits were outdoors.