Florida station claims COVID-19 vaccine side ‘affects’ include a ‘fat huge’ part of the male anatomy

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

The Twitter account for the combined news operation of WJXX and WTLV in Jacksonville, Florida, tweeted a potentially NSFW tweet early in the morning of Feb. 3, 2021, reports FTVLive.

In a screen grab of the tweet FTVLive obtained, the tweet proclaimed: “BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden has just released a press statement stating the vaccine side affects (sic). The most common side effect seen in male patients was developing a fat huge cock.”

According to the timestamp, the tweet was posted at 3:56 a.m. Feb. 3 via TweetDeck to the @FCN2go account that the two stations use for their shared news branding of “First Coast News.”

The tweet was later deleted without comment from the station, according to FTVLive.

It’s also not immediately clear if the tweet was referring to an actual statement by the White House, whose website shows no official statement regarding vaccine side effects Feb. 2 or 3, 2021, though a summary of the COVID-19 response briefing was posted.

The tweet also contains the incorrect use of the word “affect” in the first sentence, though it is correctly used as a “side effect” in the second one.

Although the station has yet to offer an explanation or apology for the potentially offensive tweet, it appears likely that someone who had access to post to the stations’ account via TweetDeck sent it, possibly meant as an internal joke that was sent inadvertently.