Fox gets sloppy with geography — again

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Fox’s William La Jeunesse seemed to suggest several geographic inaccuracies during a live report.

  • La Jeunesse delivered an at times choppy live shot from aboard a raft on the Suchiate River.
  • The Suchiate is one of three rivers that form, in part, the border between Mexica and Guatemala.
  • “People coming up from Salvador, Honduras, Cuba and even Africa…” he said during the live shot.
  • First, the country La Jeunesse referred to as “Salvador” is actually called “El Salvador.”
  • “El,” as anyone with a year or two of high school Spanish can tell you, translates to “the.”
  • The country’s full name is “República de El Salvador” — which translates to “Republic of the Savior.”)
  • While La Jeunesse managed to get Honduras right geographically, he then made the odd claim that people are coming “up from” Cuba and “even Africa.”
  • Of course, one can assume that he really meant that people are coming from Cuba (which is an island) and Africa (which is, of course, a completely separate continent thousands of miles away), are coming into Central and South American countries and then heading north through the border in question.
  • Also during the report, La Jeunesse made a reference to paying a “dollar” for a raft ride across the river. While this may sound inaccurate at first glance, El Salvador does actually use the U.S. dollar for its currency.
  • Fox came under fire in March after it aired a graphic that, again showing a lack of geographic knowledge, referred to “Mexican countries.”