Fox gets special access to RNC sites

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A revelation that Fox host Sean Hannity has gained exclusive access to select 2020 Republican National Convention sites sparked other networks to register complaints with the Trump campaign.

Hannity announced he will host his self titled show from the Rose Garden ahead of Melania Trump’s speech from there. He will also host from Mike Pence’s speech location at Fort McHenry in Maryland Aug. 26, 2020 and the south lawn of the White House Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020.

On a call with campaign officials, other networks registered complaints with the campaign, reports The New York Times and requested equivalent access, which appears to include a dedicated riser and camera location at each of the venues.

Other networks were granted access to the Rose Garden Tuesday, but it is not clear what the plan, which the other networks learned of from Hannity’s on air announcement, is for the two other locations.

Most major networks have semi-permanent live shot locations on the north lawn of the White House.