Fox guest says alleged name of whistleblower on air

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A guest on Fox said the alleged name of the whistleblower whose report sparked the Ukraine scandal despite a reported network policy against its personalities doing so.

  • Lars Larson, a radio host from Portland, Oregon, was appearing on “Outnumbered Overtime” when he said the alleged name of the whistleblower on air.
  • Many media outlets, including Fox, had announced bans on naming the whistleblower given that the name being floated around has not been confirmed as well as to protect the privacy and safety of the person.
  • “And now we’re saying, we’re investigating to find out if there’s anything there that justifies impeachment and the more we learn about it, about (redacted) and his attorney who said ‘the coup begins now’ and the fact that we’re hearing things second and third and fourth hand,” said Larson.
  • Fox had reportedly directed its personalities not to say the alleged name and, in fairness, it’s a bit tricker to get guests to toe the company line.
  • In reporting the incident, most media outlets are redacting the individual’s name when quoting what was said on air.