Fox News goes quiet on Twitter — is the channel boycotting the social network over Tucker Carlson tweets?

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According to a source, Fox News has gone silent on Twitter — all in protest for how the social network handled posts targeting host Tucker Carlson.

Scott Gustin, manager of content strategy for Tribune Media, posted a series of tweets citing an anonymous source within the company.

Gustin goes on to say that while Facebook was prompt in removing posts that include his home address, Twitter was not.

Fox News has not issued a statement confirming or denying the report it is boycotting Twitter, though Gustin reports his source says the blackout is from the “highest level” of the company.

According to Gustin’s source, Fox will continue to boycott Twitter until the tweets in question are removed and Twitter apologizes.

Gustin also clarifies that Fox is apparently still using the social network for “breaking news alerts.”