Fox News issues long list of ‘anti-Trump’ views from its hosts, analysts

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Fox News issued a long list of links, tweets and on air statements made by its hosts, analysts and even other news outlets calling out Donald Trump for statements made during his Helsinki press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The list did, however, exclude host Sean Hannity’s supportive statements of the news conference where he praised Trump as “very strong.”

Below is the complete list of examples Fox News sent the evening of Monday, July 16, 2018.


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Guy Benson @guypbenson
Appalling moral equivalence & equivocation – rooted in an embarrassing, juvenile, insecure, consuming obsession over his own legitimacy. Easily one of his worst days as president. And again, juxtapose that performance with how he just treated our European & North American allies.

Ari Fleischer @AriFleischer
Something tells me Trump’s easy acceptance of Putin’s POV will send his critics into an even higher state of hysterics. Trump’s supporters will not be moved. And the few people left in the middle like me think he should have been tougher on Putin, but we’ll wait for Mueller.

Newt Gingrich @newtgingrich
President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected–immediately.

On-Air Reactions:

Bret Baier
“That was quite something – almost surreal at points as the president was re-litigating the election of 2016 and making the case again that there was no collusion.”

Neil Cavuto on FOX Business Network:
“But he didn’t and that’s what made it disgusting, that’s what made his performance disgusting. I am sorry it’s just the only way I feel – it’s not a right or left thing to me, it’s just wrong. A U.S. president on foreign soil talking to our biggest enemy, or adversary, or competitor, I don’t know how we define them these days, is essentially letting the guy get away with this and not even offering a mild, a mild criticism. That sets us back a lot.”

Neil Cavuto on FOX News
“You say you want to drain the swamp, well I suggest that you stop throwing mud, or save it for leaders that are dirty and not those that simply deserve better..”

Shepard Smith

FOX Business Network Host Trish Regan

Video link:
I thought that maybe I could at this moment in time say they were wrong because this was an opportunity for our president to get up there on stage and look Vladimir Putin in the eye and say ‘you’re not going to mess with us again.’ But he didn’t. In fact, he basically said he didn’t buy what his own intelligence community was telling him. This was clearly not his best performance, he’s done a whole lot better than this. He should have defended us. He should have defended his own intelligence community. Or, just don’t take the meeting. Don’t go to Helsinki if you can’t look the guy in the eye and tell him what’s what. Here’s the question by the way that somebody ought to have prepped our president on. He ought to have known this one was coming and he ought to have thought long and hard about how to answer it- roll the tape…Woah, and then it gets worse. He takes suddenly a sharp left turn and starts going back to the whole Hillary Clinton thing…”I don’t get it. All of your intelligence agencies are telling you that the Russians interfered in our election. Now, big difference between them interfering and them actually having any kind of effect. There’s also a big difference, huge difference in them interfering and the Trump campaign colluding- two separate things. But when everyone is in agreement that they did interfere and somehow you’re up there on the world stage suggesting otherwise… suggesting that in fact Vladimir Putin may be telling the truth and your own team isn’t… what has happened?”