What studios do Fox’s cable channel shows use?

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Fox’s conservative commentary channel has primary operations inside the News Corp. building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.

Fox labels its studios in New York with a single letter. Originally the letters followed a quasi-predictable pattern based on location in the building, but over the years some have been renamed, removed or moved. Fox also has taken over portions of the building, including former retail space, that was not originally part of its space in the early days of the network or when the building was mostly office space for News Corp.

  • Studio M: Originally known as Studio F, the studio was renamed in October 2021 to honor the Murdoch family, the founder of the parent company of Fox. Studio F is widely considered the flagship studio for the network and occupies space that was formerly home to a Charles Schwab branch and a FedEx Kinkos store, and still sports large, double-height windows between structural columns. Studio M has two levels ā€” a “main” one and a mezzanine. The space outside of Studio M, is dubbed “Fox Square” and used for outdoor segments and specials. Studio M is home to “Fox & Friends,” “Jesse Watters Primetime,” “The Five,” “The Faulkner Focus” and “The Story,” among other programs. Shots from Studio M appear frequently on other shows originating from other studios or even locations with video on video and walk and wander floating camera shots.
  • Studio J: This space was added as part of a renovation to the building’s second floor that included removing many of the executive suites used by the late Roger Ailes. The same project added a new newsroom for the network, bringing it up from the basement. Studio J, which as been jokingly referred to as standing for “jazzy,” features a multivenue set with an overhead balcony. It is home to “Hannity,” “America’s Newsroom,” and “America Reports.”
  • Studio W: Formerly known as Studio H, this space was home the “Fox News Deck,” a studio primarily used by “Shepard Smith Reports.” After Smith left the network, the space was updated as the home to Fox Weather, with the studio name changing so that “W” could stand for “weather.”
  • Studio N: Studio N has been in two locations in the building ā€” in the basement level when that was where the network’s primary newsroom was, but now is adjacent to the new newsroom on the second floor. It is a small, glassed-in studio with a view of the actual newsroom. Video loops based on the appearance of the newsroom appear behind other Fox broadcasts, notably “America’s Newsroom,” despite the studio not being directly adjacent to the newsroom. “N” is said to stand for “newsroom.”
  • Studio G: Located directly above Studio M, this space was originally designed for Fox Business and even included a faux bank vault. I was completely overhauled in 2019 and still appears on Fox Business and the commentary channel, including shows such as “Coast to Coast,” “Your World,” “Mornings with Maria” and “
  • Studio E: Located on the opposite side of the building than Studio M, but on the ground level, this space has been used for Fox Sports programming and his currently home to late-night show “Gutfeld.”