Fox ticker blames measles outbreak on ‘Orthodox Jewish community,’ makes no mention of anti-vaxxers

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The Fox cable channel that carries “Tucker Carlson Tonight” ran a ticker headline that seemed to place most of the blame for the New York measles outbreak on an “Orthodox Jewish community.”

  • The headline pointed out that the city’s outbreak is focused in an Orthodox Jewish community.
  • While the CDC has reported a high number of cases within this community, presumably because the community opts out of vaccinating, Fox’s headline did not mention that directly.
  • While anti-vaxxers frequently cite religious beliefs or health concerns to not vaccinate children, Fox’s headline appears to single out the Jewish Orthodox religion.
  • Other headlines that ran around the line mentioned the number of cases and expect spread, as well as the mayor’s declaration of a health emergency ordering mandatory vaccinations in Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.
  • It also gave the history of measles outbreaks in the U.S. as well as details about the outbreak nationwide.