George Stephanopoulos tests positive for coronavirus, but appears to be asymptomatic case

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ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos revealed he has tested positive for coronavirus, but appears to be one of the asymptomatic cases, after his wife, comedian Ali Wentworth, was heavily affected by COVID-19.

Stephanopoulos began anchoring “Good Morning America” from home March 31, 2002, after Wentworth’s diagnosis was official.

She was isolating in one part of the couple’s home, but Stephanopoulos had already likely been exposed to the virus given they were living in close quarters before she fell ill.

Coronavirus has been shown to be contagious before the person infected has any symptoms.

Wentworth suffered marked symptoms of COIVD-19, but Stephanopoulos noted he has not felt stick at all despite a positive test that confirmed he has the virus in his body.

Although the specifics of his case cannot be confirmed without more medical investigation, Stephanopoulos likely could still pass the virus along to others despite showing no symptoms.

Because it’s likely not clear when Stephanopoulos contracted the virus, it’s likely he’ll still need to stay home for at least the time being to avoid potentially passing the virus to others, including his ABC News colleagues.

In general, people are considered to be “safe” once 14 days has passed without symptoms.

Appearing from home on Monday, April 13, 2020’s “GMA,” Stephanopoulos noted it was been five days since Wentworth has run a fever, but she is still recovering. She did not require hospitalization.