Greg Gutfeld doesn’t realize he’s on the air and starts singing an ‘I have to pee’ song

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Fox commentator Greg Gutfeld was caught singing an (apparently) made up song about how he had to pee during Friday, March 12, 2021’s show of “The Five.”

The show was returning from a break for its “One More Thing” segment when the five hosts appeared on screen, each in his or her own box.

The other hosts appeared to realize their were on air, but Gutfeld started signing, on an open mic, “I gotta pee. I gotta peeeee.”

His fellow co-starts attempted to warn him he was on air, but to no avail and Jesse Watters ended up introducing the segment.

Fox, like most networks, has been using a variety of setups during the pandemic with some “The Five” hosts joining from home or other locations — or spread out throughout studios.

Thankfully for Gutfeld, the show was in its final block for the day.