Hair assistant appears on camera at the top of Jeanine Pirro’s Fox show

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A crew member was caught on camera trying to fix Jeanine Pirro’s hair at the start of her Feb. 20, 2021, show.

Immediately after a brief logo stinger aired, “Justice with Judge Jeanine” started as normal, with Pirro on camera in front of an animated American flag background.

However, this edition included a special guest: What appeared to be a hair or makeup assistant behind Pirro attempting to fix a stray hair on the host’s shoulder.

Pirro was shown staring into the camera for a split second before her eyes angled downward, apparently seeing herself on air on an off camera monitor — and she started talking as if nothing was wrong.

The assistant, meanwhile, who was wearing a mask and carrying what appeared to be a bottle of hairspray, moved out of frame.

For the later repeats of the show, Pirro appears to have taped a new open to fix the issue. It’s not uncommon for TV shows that air repeats after their original live airing to go back and fix technical or editorial glitches.

Pirro is one of Fox’s more colorful personalities. She’s made headlines in the past for brazen offensive remarks and has admitted Fox suspended her over at least one of them. She’s also gone on rant about cow flatulence and at least some advertisers have fled her show over her views.

In 2020, she experienced a technical glitch with her home TV studio used during the hight of the coronavirus pandemic that caused her show to start late — an incident that left some speculating whether she was under the influence.