Here we go: NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo nab first presidential debate

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NBC News and its corporate cousins MSNBC and Telemundo have announced a deal with the Democratic National Committee to host the first Democratic primary presidential debate.

  • The network is already billing it as a “two night event.”
  • The exact date or location has not been announced, but NBC did announce it will be in June.
  • The DNC has said there will be a total of 12 debates between candidates vying for the party’s nominations.
  • These debates are separate from the debates where the GOP nominee, presumably Donald Trump, will debate with the Dem’s pick.
  • CNN, meanwhile, has an agreement to air the second one.
  • NBC plans to air the debate across the NBC network, MSNBC and Telemundo network, with presumably will also include most of not all NBC and Telemundo affiliated stations.
  • The debate is being split into two nights due to the “anticipated” number of participants, though no details were announced on the format.
  • Who will moderate the event has not been announced either.