How CBS’s studios are used inside the CBS Broadcast Center

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CBS Broadcast Center is a complex of buildings located in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City.

Originally the cite of a dairy depot, the building has been cobbled together from multiple distinct buildings that are mostly interconnected. The result is a famously labyrinthian interior that new employees sometimes get lost in.

The building is home to studios and the east coast production hub for CBS and other media properties. CBS studios follow roughly a numerical pattern that are between the 30 and 50. The exact origin isn’t clear, but some of them appear to be numbered based on a pattern picked up from when the network had studios in theaters and other buildings throughout NYC.

The building is the de facto headquarters of CBS News, though CBS operations run out of other locations. Some CBS News operations also work out of spaces near the Broadcast Center.

  • Studio 33: “60 Minutes” chroma key studio, former home of “CBS Evening News” during Walter Cronkite’s tenure.
  • Studio 41: Home of the syndicated talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show.”
  • Studio 42: “Last Week Tonight,” “Real Sports” and other productions.
  • Studio 43: CBS Sports
  • Studio 44: CBS Sports Network
  • Studio 45: CBS Sports (mostly Paramount+ productions) and syndicated “Inside Edition,” the latter of which uses a virtual set. “Sunday Morning” previously had its set here.
  • Studio 47: Now the network’s “news hub,” the site of the set has been reduced to make room for workstations. However, there still is a studio-like area with a desk, monitor and cameras.
  • Studio 57: Former home of “CBS This Morning,” “CBS Evening News” and current home of CBS News Streaming Network.
  • Studio 57 newsroom: Workspace for CBS News Streaming Network and features a small set once more prominently used before CBS’s news streamer moved.
  • CBS also has a studio at 1515 Broadway (One Astor Place) on the mezzanine level of the building, which is also Paramount Global’s headquarters. Sometimes dubbed Studio 1515, the space is home to “CBS Mornings” and has also been subdivided into smaller areas, including one used by “The Daily Show” during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • CBS also has a major studio in Washington, D.C., where the flagship evening newscast originates from. It shares this space with “Face the Nation.” The set was built inside a studio in network’s bureau there originally meant for just “Face the Nation.”