How the media labeled Trump’s tweet attacking U.S. representatives

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

When news of Donald Trump’s tweet apparently aimed at four congresswoman emerged, its dominated the news cycle — but networks weren’t consistent in how they labeled it.

CNN labeled it as “racist” almost from the get-go, while MSNBC did as well.

ABC referred to the tweet with the line that tweet (or Trump) is “being called racist after firing off several tweets.”

NBC first labeled it as “inflammatory” and noted that “many (are) decrying it as racist.”

CBS, meanwhile, steered clear of labeling the tweet at all at first, instead opting to describe it as “aimed at four progressive lawmakers, all of them women of color.”

Over on Fox, the worst “racist” was apparently only muttered by guests or attributed to critics.

As time went on, however, networks, including ABC, switched to using the label “racist” more.

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