How to try Quibi — but avoid being charged by canceling the autorenewal right now

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Want to see what Quibi’s all about but don’t want to commit or remember to cancel before you get charged?

The new “mobile video” streaming app is offering a 90 day free trial.

For Apple users, the app is handling billing through the App Store’s building in subscription platform — which is advantageous for several reasons.

First, if you’re just curious to see what it’s all about — you might as well pick the more expensive “ad free” option. Both tiers are free for 90 days.

Second, you don’t need to take the time to enter a credit card as long as you have an App Store payment method configured — it’s just linked to your Apple ID billing account.

Another nice part of how iTunes subscriptions work is that you can cancel them preemptively now.

In other words, signing up on launch day (April 6, 2020) means your first billing date is July 6, 2020. However, you can cancel the subscription now to avoid every being charged for it — or having to remember to cancel it later.

If you do decide to keep Quibi, you can always go back in and pick a plan any time before July 6.

You’ll still have full access to the service until July 6.