How U.S. networks dispelled Trump’s ‘water drop’ suggestion for Notre Dame fire

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In the midst of the blaze ripping through Notre Dame in Paris, Donald Trump tweeted that “perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out” — a notion that was quickly dispelled by firefighting experts interviewed for TV reports.

  • That evening, ABC, CBS and NBC all mentioned the idea of using aerial water drops and how, according to most experts, the method would be ineffective and likely lead to more damage.

  • ABC’s report also mentioned a tweet posted by France’s Sécurité Civile that specifically addressed the idea as well.
  • “CBS Evening News” did not, notably, directly connect the idea of using a water drop to Trump during its recorded report.
  • Both CNN and MSNBC covered the tweet and added information gathered from sources that the idea would not work for the Notre Dame blaze, as well as the Sécurité Civile response.
  • The Fox cable channel that carries “Shepard Smith Reporting” reported Trump’s tweet and mentioned the French government’s response as well.
  • However, the next morning on “Fox & Friends” the network wavered a bit on its coverage of Trump’s tweet and seemed to be trying to justify why that approach was not used.
  • “Reportedly French fire crews differently than American ones” said correspondent Amy Kellogg.
  • She further reported, in reference to the use of air drops, “it has been said in Paris that that might have been too aggressive.”