International Academy takes back Andrew Cuomo’s special Emmy

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Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had his special Emmy rescinded following his resignation in the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal.

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences had awards Cuomo a special Emmy award for his televised coronavirus briefings that were heralded as an example of effective communication, crisis management and use of presentation materials.

He conducted over 100 briefings — holding one every day for several months.

“The International Academy announced today that in light of the New York Attorney General’s report, and Andrew Cuomo’s subsequent resignation as Governor, it is rescinding his special 2020 International Emmy Award,” said the organization in a statement Aug. 24, 2021.

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is an American based organization that focuses on recognizing excellence in television programming from outside the U.S.

While Cuomo’s briefings were produced in the U.S. and aimed at New Yorkers, they received international attention thanks to widespread carriage on cable, satellite and streaming providers and laid the groundwork for other governments. The “special” nature of the award also likely allows the IATAS some leeway in selecting award recipients.

It is separate from both the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which award daytime, news, sports and technical Emmys, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which hands out the primetime Emmys.

All three organizations use the name “Emmy” for their awards, which is derived from “Immy,” industry shorthand for image orthicon camera tubes.

Cuomo, who has denied all wrongdoing, has been accused of sexually harassing 11 women, according to an attorney general report on an investigation into his alleged actions.