IOC considering postponing 2020 Olympics

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The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo appear more likely to be postponed amid the coronavirus epidemic as two major countries announced they would not be sending teams to Japan.

The game are scheduled to start July 24, 2020, but experts are warning the world could still be battling with the coronavirus outbreak at that point — and sending people from around the world to live together has risks of spreading any type of illness.

While the International Olympic Committee is meeting to consider its options, including acknowledging it is considering postponement of the games, Canada and Australia announced they would not send athletes to the Tokyo in July.

Australia separately advised athletes to prepare for a 2021 Olympics.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump indicated the U.S. would look to Japan for guidance on making a decision if it would send its athletes to the games.

At stake is billions of dollars in economic stimulus and worldwide broadcasting rights, ad sales and corporate sponsorships — not to mention a global stage for thousands of athletes from around the world.

NBC, the U.S. broadcast TV rights holder, reportedly paid $1.45 billion for rights to the Tokyo games as part of a larger deal.

The network revealed earlier this year that it has insurance to cover a cancellation of the games — but it’s not clear if that would cover a delay.