Julie Chen (or Julie Chen Moonves) is back at work on ‘Big Brother’ set

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Julie Chen (or “Julie Chen Moonves” as she has taken to calling herself) is back at work on “Big Brother.”

  • The host, whose stilted hosting style has earned her the affectionate nickname “Chenbot,” posted a photo to her Instagram account on the set of “Celebrity Big Brother.”
  • Chen is married to Leslie Moonves, the former CBS chairman who was ousted after a string of sexual harassment accusations were leveled against him.
  • Chen, who has publicly stated her support for her husband, quit the network’s daytime talker “The Talk” in 2018 after more accusations against Moonves came to light.
  • Moonves has denied that the accusations, saying the sexual interactions were consensual.
  • Chen, meanwhile, has taken to signing off on air using her married name in a sign of solidarity to her husband.
  • She signed off this way from a taped announcement “The Talk” aired as well as an edition of the reality show.