L.A. forecaster’s toddler adorably interrupts live weathercast

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KABC meteorologist Leslie Lopez was delivering a live forecast from her home TV studio, where she is working due to the coronavirus pandemic, when her 9-month-old son, Nolan, decided he wanted to make an appearance.

Nolan wandered into camera range and was eventually picked up by mom, who carried him through the rest of her report.

The video went viral, with many identifying with the challenges of being a working parent to a young child.

“For the first time ever, he’s pulled himself up from sitting to standing,” Lopez told “Good Morning America.” “On one hand, I’m so proud of him…and I’m so glad he didn’t face-plant on live television.”

Many stations have moved select staffers, but weather forecasters in particular, to home based studios during the pandemic in order to reduce the number of people in the studio.

Nolan’s appearance wasn’t the first camera by a kiddo or pet — and likely won’t be the last.