Like clockwork, Fox’s annual attack on Starbucks’ holiday cups begins brewing

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Just hours after Starbucks stores switched over to the 2019 edition of its holiday cups, Fox is already attacking the chain for its purported “war on Christmas.”

  • Right leaning Fox is one of the most prominent outlets that posted articles about the “Merry Coffee” theme that Starbucks is using this year on multiple cup designs as well as the holiday themed belly bands sleeves and in store signage.
  • “Starbucks ‘Merry Coffee’ cups look a lot like Christmas — without saying it” reads the article’s headline, which was published the morning of Nov. 7, 2019, the same day holiday cups rolled out at Starbucks nationwide.
  • Fox points out that none of the designs use the word “Christmas” — with the closest being “We wish you a merry coffee” printed on the sleeves.
  • Fox also published a video under the headline “Starbucks risks more ‘War on Christmas’ backlash with ‘Merry Coffee’ cups.”
  • Meanwhile, other media outlets have taken issue with just how awkward “Merry coffee” sounds, also making note of the “War on Christmas” issue.
  • Starbucks comes under fire pretty much every year for its holiday cup designs — which have shifted away from Christmas centric designs to ones that promote unity during the holiday season.
  • Attacking the chain’s cup designs has become an annual tradition with Fox and other right leaning media outlets who take issue with Starbucks’ lack of Christmas messaging.