Lou Dobbs wasn’t happy with what someone off camera was doing

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Conservative Fox Business host Lou Dobbs was caught chastising someone off camera — not realizing he was live on air.

Coming back from a break at 5:15 p.m. eastern Aug. 18, 2020, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” cut to Dobbs’ one shot — but he apparently didn’t realize the feed was going out live.

“Don’t do that … anymore,” Dobbs is heard saying to someone, presumably off camera or in his IFB.

He continues to shake his head and look generally grouchy as the camera moves around slightly.

There is then some off camera noise, perhaps someone trying to tell him he’s back on air, before he sits up in his chair, changes demeanor and attempts to launch into a guest intro.

Dobbs appeared to be rattled even as he started to the segment.

In fairness, this type of occurrence isn’t all that rare in the TV business — with many hosts and anchors caught preening or uttering words not meant to be seen by viewers, all while not realizing they are on air.

One of the most infamous instances was former WNBC anchor Sue Simmons dropping the F-bomb live on TV during a local news tease she apparently thought was being taped and could be redone in another take.