Media outlets hone in on Trump mural in detention centers — but there’s another one that isn’t always mentioned

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After a group of journalists was allowed access to a Brownsville, Texas converted Walmart currently housing 1,500 boys whose parents are being held over their immigration status, the fact that a mural of Trump is shown in the eating area has been widely disseminated — but some outlets are overlooking one that features Obama:

  • The murals, shown in photos released by the Department of Health and Human Services from within the nonproft detention centers, show painted likeness of both Trump and Obama, each with a quote.
  • Trump’s quote, “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new ay to win the war” has been cited as cryptic and even anti-immigration.
  • Obama’s quote reads “We are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too,” is considered by many to be more positive, but it hasn’t gotten quite the amount of attention of the Trump mural.
  • In many cases, sites lead with Trump mural and either neglect to mention Obama’s or downplay it farther down in the article — sometimes without a photo.
  • Some headlines and social media posts that have been circulating also focuses solely on the Trump’s mural, some even making it sounding like it was ordered there by Trump or the administration, which has not been confirmed.
  • Of course, Trump’s quote does have the a bit more mysterious and has a somewhat ominous undertone, which could be an argument for highlighting it more in media coverage.