Megyn Kelly is so pissed at the media she broke her Twitter silence

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Megyn Kelly has broken her silence on Twitter, complaining about the paparazzi positioned outside her home.

  • According to the tweets, Kelly approaches the photographs alone and offered them donuts and requested they only take photographs her — and not to shoot photos of her family.
  • She then called out The Daily Mail for publishing a photo of her husband “in our home.”
  • She then accused the publication of following them to her daughter’s school and “secretly videotaping” her daughter and classmates and posting the clip online.
  • However, Kelly’s tweets don’t exactly tell the whole story. Her claim of her husband being photographed “in our home” is actually in reference to a series of photos of him standing in front of a window in the couple’s luxury home — it’s not like the paparazzi broke into their house and photographed him lounging on the couch.
  • According to The Daily Mail, her husband, Douglas Brunt, was photographed watching the action from the couple’s home above.
  • The Daily Mail also called out Kelly for “bribing” photographers with donuts — though, in most of the shows the publications released, she appears to be carrying a plastic container of a total of six donuts.
  • Kelly has presuming been “hiding out” at her home since the cancellation of her NBC News talk show, though she remains an employee of NBC News. Meanwhile, her attorneys are reportedly negotiating an exit deal.