Megyn Kelly to appear on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ for an interview

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Megyn Kelly is slated to appear on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on her former network — Fox — her first TV appearance since leaving NBC News.

  • Carlson has booked Kelly for his Oct. 16, 2019, show.
  • This will mark the first time Kelly has appeared in an interview since officially ending her contract with NBC in January.
  • At the time, NBC reportedly paid her the full value of her contract in exchange for her agreeing not to speak about her time at the network or reveal certain other insider information.
  • Kelly left Fox’s “The Kelly File” in January 2017 and it was announced she would be headed to NBC News to host a daytime talk show and Sunday night newsmagazine.
  • Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” debuted in June, airing just eight episodes to mostly disappointing ratings.
  • The show was eventually pulled from the schedule, though NBC announced it would return periodically during the NFL season in 2018.
  • “Sunday Night” never aired again.
  • Meanwhile, “Megyn Kelly Today” debuted in September, replacing the third hour of “Today” know as “Today’s Take.”
  • On Oct. 23, 2018, Kelly made comments that were widely viewed as saying the practice of using blackface for Halloween costumes was acceptable.
  • On Oct. 24, she made an on air apology. The show then aired repeats briefly before NBC announced its cancellation Oct. 26.
  • After the show ended, Kelly and NBC reportedly explored ways for her to remain at the network in another capacity, but ultimately she began negotiating an exit from her three year contract, worth a reported total of $69 million.
  • At the time, Kelly reportedly was resisting signing any non disclosure agreements, while NBC reportedly was looking to get out of paying out the full value of the deal citing her offensive comments as being a violation of other parts of her contract.
  • In the end, NBC reportedly ended up paying her the full balance her deal in exchange for her signing certain non disclosure and non disparagement agreements.
  • In a promo for the interview, the network says Kelly will discuss her departure from NBC News as well as the current scandal rocking the network.
  • How much she is able to reveal, especially about her leaving NBC, will largely depend on any agreements she signed, if any, and the scope of them.
  • Discussing the current scandal at NBC may be more of a viable topic since it’s current news.