MGM offering ‘Teen Court’ and ‘Ring Nation’ shows for syndication

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MGM Television is offering two new unscripted shows for syndication — “Teen Court” and “Ring Nation.”

“Teen” will feature Laura Ruvolo and Melissa Ruvolo, who are sisters, presiding over cases involving disputes between teenagers. Cases are expected to showcase disgruntled teens taking on siblings, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, classmates and friends.

“Ring Nation,” meanwhile, will is cobranded with Amazon’s Ring security camera and device line. Amazon is in the middle of acquiring MGM.

The show will feature real life moments captured by Ring cameras ranging from animal antics, heroic acts, marriage proposals and reunions.

Both shows are being offered on a barter basis, which typically means that channels opting to carry the programs don’t pay upfront for them but instead share ad revenue with the distributor. At least some of the advertising time will be pre-sold by MGM.

It’s a common way to distribute syndicated programming that may not be considered top tier and also reduces the risk on the licensee while also encouraging the production to be as appealing as possible.

MGM also has 300 back episodes of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” available for syndication.