Michigan reporter gets a rather unfortunate license plate

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A Michigan reporter documented the typically mundane task of getting a new license plate — and the result that came in the mail.

  • Lynsey Mukomel, a reporter at WOOD, the NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids, Michigan, documented the process on her Twitter account.
  • In a series of tweets, she documented the “seriously convenient” process of getting a new plate.
  • She did note that the odd duplication of needing an appointment for renewing online.
  • When the plate arrived, she was greeted with a plate reading DCK 247.
  • In case you need it spelled out, that particular combination could be read as “dick 24/7.”
  • In a series of replies, Twitter pointed out that her station’s call sign, WOOD, is often the target of jokes about it being a euphemism for certain anatomical parts.